Friday, February 13, 2015

Thoughts about Valentine's Day

Hi Everyone!
Well, today is Friday the 13th UGH.
Valentine's Day is Saturday (That's right tomorrow, in case you forgot) a real double whammy for those who don't want to celebrate, but know they should if they want to see Sunday!

I was at the grocery store and wow, is there a ton of stuff to help you not forget! Cards, clothes, candy, flowers, champagne, wine,  stuffed animals, What is up with the turtles anyways??!

I started to think about all the commercialism as well as all the incredible garbage ingredients in most of these items. The sugar that not only will make you fat, but can oxidize your arteries causing heart disease, and some that are even cancer causing.
I thought about the study showing that scented candles are not only harmful to people but are worse for pets, dogs most especially. It's so aggravating. So what are we to do?

Many people make dinner reservations and then stress about getting there, waiting because the rest of the town had the same idea as you did, eating, paying and then leaving a tip, OH THE FUN!!!
If this is what you are going to do, go early and just know it may be a long evening, breath and simply enjoy it. My husband and I use to go out and I would be so stressed by the time the food came it was obvious that no romance was in our future. My head was not in the game, I was thinking about everything but what the night was meant to be. He and I PERIOD!

Now I will say that I have an incredible husband and for our 30 years together he has been awesome.
Sometime ago, however we decided a few things about Valentine's Day.

*To start with we usually don't buy a card for each other anymore. I do check with him just to be sure, but after 30 years they tend to repeat themselves.

*I do not need a big honking box of chocolates that I will love, but complain about later, and truth be told I usually have a bag of kisses in a bowl on the counter.

*Flowers are great, but expensive especially at this time of the year. I much prefer when he randomly brings some home just because he thought I would like them, not because he felt obligated too.

*I have plenty of candles.

*He doesn't like Champagne.

* We don't like to go out, I generally don't like the food, or the way it is cooked, so we stay home.

Unromantic, well perhaps, but we still celebrate and here is what we do:

I make the dinner. This way I am happy with what I am about to eat, it is cooked to my specifications and I know it is organic and grass fed. This year Wayne is smoking ribs, he loves them, and this way he is doing half the cooking, works for me!! * A side note here, if you want to cook at home and are hoping for romance, don't make anything gassy. Ribs and baked beans are a winner at our house, but NOT for this meal. *

Set a nice table: Candles, music, set the tone for your evening.

Attire: You don't have to be sloven just because you are staying home, make the effort it will pay off.

Dessert: A must! This year we are having individual cheesecakes, which I will be making as soon as I finish this blog. Again I know what is in it and I love it.  A sweet treat is always nice.
* If you are buying dessert, just make sure it is something you both like that isn't gassy. Maybe something you can share,  just try not to have a ton of leftovers that you will feel guilty about eating later.*

A tip for gift givers and receivers:
If you know this person think, what do they really want? Better yet, what will they remember?

Memories are often much more desired by women then any type of candy or flowers.
I am not a man so I can't really say what men want, but my husband doesn't like me spending money randomly on stuff he really doesn't want. What he really wants is time with me.

* MEN* This is different for everyone and what I like may be absolutely opposite of what your partner wants but, If my man would simply come over to me, extend his hand to take mine, then take me in his arms and start to slow dance with Josh Turner 's song says "Well, Honey why don't we just dance….." that would be the only gift I would need and dancing usually leads to romancing.

*Women* Be happy! Start that day with thinking this is going to be a great day! Don't let thoughts of your daily grind or the kids get in the way for you. This is your night to concentrate on how great this person is, don't let it get lost with other thoughts, be present, in the moment.

*Singles* No date doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a nice evening having a great dinner, maybe treating yourself to a sweet treat and remembering that you are an amazing person, you are perfect all on your own, Celebrate You!

Off to get those cheesecakes started,
I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day

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