Thursday, September 10, 2015

Starting a Business, Traveling, and Eating Gluten Free

Well Hi Everyone!
It's been a while since last I posted,  I thought I'd catch you all up as I sit in the back seat of one of my husband's oldest and dearest friend's car listening to them chat about everything under the sun, on our way back from meeting up in Reno Nevada. 
May 1st, My son and I started a baking business C & C Baking (We are on Face Book, C&C Baking) which has been interesting  with my husband being the venture capitalist. We have our Lemon Bars, English Toffee Bars (see picture below)  and other goodies in a coffee shop in the mall near where we live, and our breads like Rustic Italian, Herb & Garlic, Sesame etc. along with Gluten Free Goodies at a local Food Co-Op which is really exciting for us.
In June my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We decided to rent a cabin in the woods for a week. We decided to go to South Dakota. It had been raining before we got there for about 3 weeks we were told which left everything green and lush. We traveled to Mount Rushmore for the first time and saw the Badlands, simply beautiful! 
The trip we are returning from now was one to see family in Northern California. 
Traveling is always an interesting adventure in searching for foods without wheat. Now again we are not Gluten Intolerant nor do we have Celiac Disease, we CHOOSE to eat this way and as we have reaped the many benefits like no longer having joint pain, being bloated, better sleep, etc. we see no reason to add it back into our diets. 
I found that while actually on the road traveling, we ate a LOT of Tacos on corn tortillas. Fortunately we really like them and with the extra bonus of vegetables they worked well. When we were served Mahi Tacos at Joe's Crab Shack which we didn't realize we're served on flour tortillas, we simply ate the filling with a few corn chips, no big deal. 
Many people trip up on Gluten Free I think, because we over think the process. 
No  wheat flour generally freaks people out, but there are other kinds of flour on the market that can be used to bake things like breads, crackers, english muffins etc., just remember that Gluten Free products are not "Health Food" most still have sugar and sugar is what makes people fat! 
If you stick more towards a bit of protein whether it be from plants or animals, fruits and vegetables you should be fine. 
While traveling we look for  a cleaner simpler  menu item. Oftentimes restaurants may not have Gluten Free items but they make substitutions which works well if cross contamination is not an issue for you.  (Pictured: Breakfast at the Palazzo, Las Vegas, the wheat toast was substituted with fruit)

 When you start seeing  gravies, breaded or battered foods, or even toast for breakfast, you have to remember that these have wheat flour in them, and that flour is in almost everything processed as either a thickener or a filler.  
I guess we have become foodies. 
We enjoy food and the preparation of it, but while traveling we really have to be aware and ask questions. 
I have an App I downloaded called "Find Me Gluten Free" (GF) and it can pull up several different restaurants in any area we may travel to and it lists the name, how far they are from where I am, directions, and reviews from other people with Gluten issues. I love the reviews feature as it has really helped us find food that we know we can eat. The reviews are also good to find out by others how they reacted to the food and if the kitchen is a dedicated GF kitchen which is imperative to people with Celiac. 
People are becoming more aware of Gluten and its effects on the body, as the information continues to become more commonplace should allow more choices available while traveling. 
I still like to cook at home and know my ingredients, yet it is nice to know our traveling doesn't always mean a steady diet of tacos, which strangely enough is what the guys decided we were having for lunch while I was writing this blog...
Until next time I would like to share one of David Wolfe's sayings in that I wish you the Best Day Ever!