Saturday, October 5, 2013

Diets ~ What I have learned as a Health Coach

October 5, 2013 at 5:06pm
Hi Everyone,
I have noticed recently that a lot of you out there are saying you are going to go on a diet, Reader's Digest, Atkins, Nutra Systems etc. I think that we are never really satisfied with how we look no matter what and we all seem to have a pound or two or twenty that we want to loose. We want to loose it for bathing suit season, before Christmas, as a New Year's resolution etc. We are faithful until, well, we aren't. For what ever the reason we still seem to sabotage our selves one way or the other and then we get down on our selves and often in our bummed out state we eat to make us feel better... Thus the cycle will start again.
Most of the diets are good in one way or another and after studying over 100 of them in school I will state the obvious here and say that not every body is the same, what works for Susie may not work for her sister Connie, why, different circumstances in her life. Let's take the no carb diet as an example. You start on a very strict no carbs, high protein only diet and you loose weight on phase one, great you are excited and you move on to step two.  Step two you add a few carbs and continue to do well, but now you are starting to feel out of balance so you go back to step one. Ahh now you loose some more weight and either reach your goal and go off the diet, or you go back to step two and plateau. The plateauing makes you frustrated and go off the diet.
My point is that you never finished out the diet.
Did you know that the Atkin's diet actually has four steps?
Collette Heimowitz, M.S. Vice President of Education and Research for Atkins Health and Medical Information Services stated, that most people don't ever do steps 3 and 4.
These steps are where the program introduces carbs back into your diet and shows you how to eat real food and be sucessful for maintaining this for life.
My point is this, simple diet is not the whole picture and neither is exercise. Often you need to look at your relationships, your spirituality, your work surroundings etc.
Are you nourishing yourself in every aspect or only looking at those pounds?
Are you frustrated at work so you come home and compensate by making a yummy, maybe not so healthy dinner and overeating, topping it off with a huge dessert, or maybe just a "simple smoothie" with tons of fruit and coconut milk that is totally full of sugar and fat?
Are you not giving your body time to digest your yummy food and going to bed, not sleeping well, and not for a full 8 hours?
Could you have maybe just needed a hug from someone you love and a few minutes to chill, cooking a more balanced, healthful yummy dinner thus possibly avoiding the whole thing? Sounds silly, but it could be just the tip of the iceberg.

I Love You all and want you to be healthy, happy, and wise.
If you want to talk more I am here for you.