Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Big "E" ..... Yes, I mean EXERCISE

Hi Everyone,
Well it's fast approaching my favorite time of the year, Fall.
The cool air starts to set in, the leaves start to change color and our desire for less salads and more warming substantial food starts to really come alive.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are always meals that are looked forward to all year long, and now they are right around the corner. Yummy food or not, for some, this is when they have decided to diet. You didn't really like the way you looked all summer, so now is the time.
You decide you are only going to eat celery sticks and dry turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. The smells wafting through the house start to take their tole, and in your misery you decide to share with others how many calories are in that gravy, those mashed potatoes, and don't even get me started on all those different kinds of pie you just put on your plate.
Oh the joy of the holidays??
O.k., so some of you have decided rather than be a buzz kill, and dieting is not your forte, you decide you are just going to exercise the dickens out of yourself. Today is the day, so off to the gym after work, but it was late and cold so you'll go tomorrow, but wait, I have a meeting to go to, I had to get the kids stuff ready for school, and the excuses continue until you realize this isn't working and now you are really unhappy with yourself.
Most people if the truth be told don't like to exercise, and feel guilty about spending the time on themselves.
What if we could think of the Big "E"as something else?
Did you know that even Dr. Andrew Weil calls exercise... movement?
 In his classes that he teaches to other practitioners, he states that people need to understand that daily movement can not be discounted towards exercise.
Taking your dog for a walk, he suggests is movement, think about it, are you walking along side your dog? You may say well, we have a big yard so I just let them roam around. What if you grabbed a ball or stick and played fetch, or you walked around the yard with them, or even ran and they chased after you.
 You can take the kids to the park, walk down and back, push them on the swing, play tag, kick the can whatever, have fun, these are great for the others involved and you are building love and memories.
No kids, alright we all have shopping to do this season, whether it is for food or gifts, how about parking in the back of the lot and walking in? There are always spots available further out and the people who really may need that closer spot has to fight with one less person to get it. Mall shopper? You walk up and down that sucker at least one complete time if not more... Do you see the point....MOVEMENT!
We need to be able to see that The Big "E" is just a buzz word that has almost become a dirty word for some of us, so rather than becoming the buzz kill at your next holiday gathering get up and move!

In my next blog I will try to wrap this up with a bow. This has become a three part series without me even realizing it, Diets, Exercise, and next, how to put them together for the holidays so you can at least try to enjoy yourself with out self sabotage or feeling guilty!

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