Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why I chose this title for my blog

I am a Health Coach,
I want to help women understand that we are in such a rush in our lives we take no time for ourselves. We try to be SUPERWOMAN to our partners, children, friends, extended family, and everyone at work.
 We are exhausted, and come to the point everyday, whether you work outside the home or not, you have someone wondering what you are going to pull out of your bag of tricks to feed them.
I mean come on, they have been busy all day and it is your job right??
We tend to make choices that we might not have made if we could have just had the time, money or energy, to bust out that homemade Lasagna that takes 3 hours to make, and yet the frozen one is just as good right?
I totally understand this, as a wife, mom, blended family mom, and home-school mom, I get it.
When I worked outside of the home it was still the same... "What is for dinner, I'm starved"?
The time honored question that brings at times, that silent scream that all of us want to let rip and yet, we say "Well, let's see" and proceed to work what little magic we seem to have left before the homework, baths and bedtime stories. Then as everyone settles down we get to clean up the kitchen, pack lunches, and fall into bed  to repeat the process again tomorrow.
 I realize that I am preaching to the choir here for most of you, but with a bit of humor along the way, and a few recipes that can help to transform you into a happier, healthier person, who may be able to be a bit more organized. You may even be able to take an occasional breath remembering how awesome you really are!
 The kids in this house are raised, no one died, is in jail - that I know of- and I have had time to go back to school to learn how to help other women who struggle with the same stuff I did.
Oh, and the reason for the name of the blog is this...
After all is said and done- If we as women have great food and cool shoes life really is a whole lot better!!!